Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Wednesday Linkorama!

Round up of things I found interesting.

The image above came from a Gizmodo article explaining how measuring helium from distant galaxies offers clues to the matter/antimatter imbalance.

The four-color problem asks, "Are four colors sufficient to color the countries of a map so that no two adjacent countries share the same color?" A few minutes of trying this with some paper and markers would lead you to think that four is enough. But it was hard to rigorously prove that 4 is the minimum. In 1976, with the help of a computer program, the question was answered. This article talks about the problem and the controversy surrounding the use of computer programs in math proofs.

The news about the room temperature superconductor would be the biggest science and technology news of the week, but there is quite a bit of skepticism about the result. If true, it would be a huge deal. It could speed up computers, improve batteries, bigger electro magnetic (floating trains!) and so on.

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